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Automatic Jar Opener - KC12

119.00lei Quantity
Product code: KC12
Weight: 0.470kg

Thanks to the One Touch™ Jar Opener very soon you will easy and efficiently open jars with one-touch operation.

This product can ope even the most tight jars. Perfect for people with weak, arthritic or unsteady hands. You don't have to torture yourself to rotate, striking or lifting the lid when you have the One Touch™ Jar Opener.

The product works with 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Two AA alkaline batteries included.

Effortless, one-touch action

No twisting, no pulling, no pain

Small enough for your kitchen drawer

Powerful enough for new, factory-sealed jars

Opens lids from 30mm to 88mm

No bottle or jar too tall

Runs on AA-sized alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Patented technology








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